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Automatic Circuit Recloser (ACR)


Electricity demand is increased and Electric power system becomes diversity, higher quality of electric power supply become more important. To satisfy the demand, Distribution Automation Systme(DAS) and various protection devices are being developed. In addition, in order to protect environment from pollution, Solid dielectric technology was developed and SF6 gas products are fading away from medium voltage market. Especially, Recloser one of the main products in the power line, has lots of responsibilities in the power line, such as coordination with other neighbor equipment and fault clearing and so on. Recloser is equipped with Automation System and consist with digital control system and has

  • Digital control panel provides easy coordination feature, fault isolation feature and Local / Remote operation feature.
  • Distribution automation system is on boarded in control panel so that automatic protection coordination is available.
  • Through RS-232 port, recorded information settings including fault current information can be downloaded into laptop computer
  • Sequence coordination function to prevent un-necessary tripping.
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