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Low Voltage Switchgear


Electric motors might be used in commercial or industrial applications and that needs to be controlled from a central location. EEL manufacture wide range of motor control center (MCC) with a combination of different components such as:
Motor protection circuit breaker/ MMS(manual motor starter)
Motor application contactor
Overload relay with different trip class.

Power Transformer

The ecological importance of the power factor correction. In electrical circuits the current is in phase with the voltage whenever are in presence of resistors, whereas the current is lagging if the load is inductive (motors, transformers with no load conditions), and leading if the load is capacitive (capacitors).

Power Transformer
  • Intelligent ventilation and Tailor-made design.
  • IEC 60831-1 & -2 complied
  • High life expectancy.
  • Harmonic management by filter or reactor.
  • Wide range of advanced controller.
  • Up to 2400kVAR
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