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Transformer protection and control panel consists of all sorts of control, protection, metering and monitoring of the transformer feeder. This panel is a combination of transformer differential protection, over current, earth fault and restricted earth fault relays associated with other auxiliary relays in the protection part of the panel. We have flexibility to customize the requirement for any special scheme requirement. In the control panel parts we are providing all sorts of metering like ampere, voltage, megawatt, mega var etc. We use standard annunciator module, discrepancy control switches and different types of control switches as per scheme requirements. Remote monitoring capabilities are also available and transfer of analog and digital data from control panel to SCADA system is also possible. CONTROL, RELAY & PROTECTION PANEL consists of:
1. Transformer Feeder
2. Incoming & Outgoing Feeders
3. Bus Coupler
4. Busbar Protection Panel,
5. Automation Panel

Power Transformer
  • Distance protection
  • Transformer differential protection.
  • Line differential protection.
  • Over voltage and under voltage protection.
  • Over current and earth fault protection.
  • Low and high impedance type busbar protection.
  • IEC and ANSI standard.
  • Production up to 400kV.
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Energypac manufactures AC & DC Distribution Panels with a wide range of various rating circuit breakers. Mainly we can provide any ratings of miniature circuit breakers (MCB) as well as moulded case circuit breakers (MCCB) with three pole, double pole or single pole combinations. To distribute electricity in a lower voltage level such as 415V or 220V these panels are most suitable solutions.

Power Transformer
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Long life span, less maintenance, high reliability
  • Generous wiring space for easy installation
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RTCC means remote tap changer control panel which is a programmable device to control the output of the transformer through OLTC unit fitted in the transformer through control cables. It is a panel consisting of the AVR (automatic voltage regulator), display for tap position, voltage, LEDs for raise and lower of taps relays, selector switches for auto manual selection etc. ln Auto mode the voltage is controlled by the AVR. In manual mode the operator can Increase / decrease the voltage by changing the taps manually through the push button in the RTCC. Energypac is manufacturing up to 230 kV RTCC panels for up to 300 MVA transformers extensively and supplying a great number of panels in the local utility companies like REB, PGCB, BPDB as well as PWD and various local clients. Also, we have supplied a number of RTCC panels to NEA (nepal electricity authority).

Power Transformer
  • Programmable device to control the output of transformer by changing tap position.
  • Tap position Indication
  • Visibility of voltage of different Tap Position
  • Tap position changing by both automatic and manually through Automatic voltage regulator
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