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Energypac eyes Africa for big export

Publish Date: 09/02/2019

For the first time, Energypac Engineering Limited has received the National Export Trophy for 2016-17 fiscal year in electric and electronics industry. The company earned a good reputation for the production of electric equipment not only in the country but also in abroad. The Indian government awarded the Central Public Works Department’s certificate to Energypac in 2017 as the lone foreign company in the Indian market. Energypac Chairman and Energypac Engineering Ltd Chief Executive Officer Rabiul Alam received the gold trophy for outstanding contribution in the country’s export from Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on September 1. The company exported products worth $20 million in 2016-17 fiscal year with a 69.20 percent export growth in a year. In conversation with The Business Standard, Rabiul Alam spoke about success in the business and the award. TBS: How successful is Energypac in the heavy industrial sector like capital machinery?