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Energypac Engineering is a Bangladeshi multinational headquartered in Dhaka, Bangladesh with operations in the technology, engineering, construction, power and energy sector.

In our third decade of operation, we are Bangladesh’s stand-alone leader in the design and manufacture of power products and systems as well as the leading turnkey solution provider for supercritical power transmission and distribution projects with over 500 projects delivered successfully in the 33kV, 132kV, and 230kV and 400kV range.

About Company
Transcending National Boundaries with Innovation and Engineering

Energypac is the largest turnkey solution provider in Nepal’s power sector, and is the only Bangladeshi company to be enlisted in the Public Works Division of India. Energypac also boasts a diverse client base across Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe, including Philippines, Malaysia, South, Korea Vietnam, Sudan, Nigeria, Yemen, Italy, Poland and United Kingdom amongst others.

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Power Transformer

Comprehensive Solutions from Design to Delivery

Transformers are one of the primary components for the transmission and distribution of electrical energy. Their design results mainly from the range of application, the construction, the rated power and the voltage level. The scope of transformer types starts with generator transformers and ends with distribution transformers. Transformers which are directly connected to the generator of the power stations are called generator transformers. Energypac’s standard range goes up to 520MVA and 400kV. The connection between the different high voltage system levels is made via network transformers. Energypac is able to offer network transformers up to 520MVA, 400kV.

Distribution Transformer

Comprehensive Solutions from Design to Delivery

Transformers from 5kVA to 2500kVA and up to 36kV on the high voltage side and 3.6kV on the low voltage side are referred as distribution transformers. In the last step, they distribute the electrical energy to the consumers by feeding from the high-voltage into the low-voltage distribution network. These are designed either as liquid-filled or as dry-type transformers. All transformers of higher ratings are classified as power transformers.

Instrument Transformer

Comprehensive Solutions from Design to Delivery

Energypac has been manufacturing reliable instrument transformers for more than 30 years. Instrument transformers are designed to provide reliable performance in accordance with latest stringent global design standards like IEC and IEEE/ANSI.This ensures a product with less maintenance, low weight, flexible mounting facilities, high reliability, high mechanical strength and high short circuit capability. The main applications are metering, control, signal and protection. Instrument transformer plays a vital role in power system. Our instrument transformers are in successful operation worldwide including countries like Vietnam, Philippines, and Nepal apart from Bangladesh. Our products provide safe and reliable performance in both indoor and outdoor applications. The intense R&D activities enable to introduce new products in the market. The production with high quality imported raw materials, modern manufacturing process and testing capabilities ensures a long life and reliability. Energypac believes in providing customized solutions to meet any customer demands.

Cast Resin Transformer

Comprehensive Solutions from Design to Delivery

These are built according to all major standards including IEC, IS and ANSI and when required as per the loss directives of ECBC-2018. To minimize environmental contamination and fire hazard, customers are specifying dry-type transformers more frequently. These transformers meet strict parameters with respect to electrical system demands and functioning in areas with extreme climatic conditions. Energypac's cast resin transformers are virtually maintenance free and are manufactured in accordance with industry and international standards including ISO 9001.

Busbar Trunking System

Comprehensive Solutions from Design to Delivery

Energypac Busbar Trunking System is a flexible and reliable electrical distribution system with superior performance. It is a safe and robust system with high electrical efficiency, low temperature rise, efficient heat dissipation, low voltage drops, high mechanical strength and easier to install. It is suitable for alternating current three-phase three-wire, three phase four-wire and three-phase five-wire power supply and distribution system, with frequency 50~60Hz, rated insulation voltage up to 1000V, and rated current 25A-5000A.


Comprehensive Solutions from Design to Delivery

Energypac provides a full range of switchgear solutions across the low, medium and high voltage spectrum for connecting, protecting, controlling and measuring a wide range of electrical installations, enclosures, switchboards, electronics and electromechanical devices.

Comprehensive Solutions from Concept to Commissioning

With customers in 16 countries across three continents, Energypac has unparalleled integrated capabilities across Technology, Engineering, Construction and Manufacturing, and maintains a leadership in all its major lines of business. Energypac has successfully executed over 60 turnkey substations in the high voltage (400-132kV) range and over 400 in the medium voltage range (33- 11kV) range. Energypac is the country leader in EPC contracting in Nepal alongside Bangladesh. . As industry leaders in the heavy engineering and construction industry, we have every intention of staying there and getting stronger.